Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Non-profit Organization


My name is Joan Coleman the founder and daughter of the late Virginia Pinnock. My sister, Regina Ellen Pinnock and I are committed to continuing our mother's legacy of charitable giving. 
As an educator, every year I find myself advising students who do not have the benefit of sufficient financial resources to start and finish college. I am still amazed by the difficulties they encounter. Some graduate from high school only to enter the workforce with much despair — to lack the education and experience needed to qualify for a well-paid job. Some defer college for several years to make enough money to meet expenses and forget the necessity of a college degree. Some find extra jobs while attending school; however, they work terrible hours that make it nearly impossible to do well in their course work. Many give up before they start, all because of a lack of financial resources.
Financial aid is a major determinant when choosing a college. Ultimately, that decision will affect a student’s life. The more we do to encourage students to start and finish college, the more we can improve their experience and life – the stronger our communities will be. Together we can make it happen!
Together we can make the dream of a college education a reality. Please consider a generous donation! 
Dr. Joan E.M. Coleman 
Founder & CEO
Connecticut Certified Math Teacher
2014-Teacher of the Year, 860-940-5475