Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Non-profit Organization

Scholarship Application

The Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund Executive Officers and Board of Directors and their immediate family members are not eligible for scholarships.


* A Hartford, Connecticut high school graduating senior
* A Hartford, Connecticut GED recipient 
* GPA of 2.5 or better
* Demonstrate perseverance and academic improvement
* Must have an acceptance letter from a community college, university, or a vocational training school
* Two letters of Recommendation from a school, church, community program, or an employer
The Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund is looking for an applicant who has the perseverance to start and finish college. Each candidate must complete the application form and write an essay explaining his or her plan to graduate from college. Email the application form and essay to Please do not mail any papers or send any pictures.


If you are eligible, please fill out the Scholarship Application Form and email by May 18, 2018.

You may contact the application office at  or Dr. Coleman at 860-940-5475.