Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund, Inc.

Non-profit Organization

Virginia Pinnock


A woman who lovingly devoted her life to giving to others!


Virginia Pinnock committed to help her children and others obtain a college education.  For 23 years, Virginia worked full-time as a housekeeper at the Institute of Living.  For 17 years, she also held two part-time jobs cleaning offices for small business.  While Virginia and her husband raised four children, she found time to assist anyone who needed help.  Virginia provided food, clothing, shelter, prayer,  bibles or money, occasionally borrowing whatever was necessary to help those who needed help the most. Virginia’s commitment to helping others, especially those without the financial means for their education, has touched the hearts of many and has not gone unnoticed.

The Virginia Pinnock Scholarship Fund,Inc., was established in 2015 as a non-profit organization to honor Virginia for her charitable giving and to continue her work in supporting college bound and trade school students. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to encourage high school graduates to persevere, move forward, and to seek higher education as an opportunity to acquire a greater quality of life.